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Elizabeth [userpic]
44 Monkees icons + 2 FO Banners
by Elizabeth (erizabeff)
at February 11th, 2009 (03:44 pm)

[x8.] Woody Allen
[x8.] Liza Minneli
[x16.] Goldie Hawn
[x16.] Jenny Boyd
[x4.] Donovan
[x12.] Elton John
[x8.] Eric Clapton
[x8.] Ronnie Lane (Slim Chance & Small Faces)
[x16.] The Kinks
[x44.] The Monkees
[x8.] The Rolling Stones
[x12.] The Who

[x1.] The Beatles
[x1.] Dave Davies (The Kinks)
[x2.] The Monkees
[x1.] Ronnie Lane's Passing Show
[x2.] Pattie Boyd
[x1.] Various Film Stars
[x2.] The Rolling Stones
[x1.] Woody Allen


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